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We also offer low-cost replacement xenon arc lamps and optical filters for weathering equipments. Every xenon arc replacement lamp has been tested for ignition and inspected thoroughly for adherence to mechanical and electrical specifications, which are
• An exact fit for your existing OEM hardware
• A fingerprint match for the OEM Lamp Spectral Output
• The same warranty as the OEM that the lamps will continue to ignite during 1200 hours of normal operation within the 12-month period following the date of purchase.
The replacement optical filters meet all dimensional and optical specifications and will continue to produce an OEM-comparable spectral power distribution for the recommended life of the filters.
So, every replacement lamps and filters offer tremendous value when compared to OEM prices – compare directly and see the substantial savings, because lamps and filters need regular replacement to ensure reliable test results, using our replacement lamps and optical filters can reduce your operating costs significantly.  Why pay more for the same results?
Kindly drop a mail to us, for any kind of requirement for replacement of Xenon Arc lamps, Filters & Parts for your Xenon weather meter or any weathering Instruments/Devices.
Part No                :    Description                            :   Remarks
NTSI_20650000   :   Xenon Arc Lamp 6.5kW           :   Xenon Burner for Ci 4000
NTSI_20305300   :   Xenon Arc Lamp 12.kW           :   Xenon Burner for Ci 5000
NTSI_12639000   :   Xenon Arc Lamp 4.5kW           :   Xenon Burner for Ci 3000
NTSI_56075921   :   Xenon Arc Lamp 2.2kW           :   Xenon Burner for X-Alpha+/150S+
NTSI_56001794   :   Xenon Arc Lamp 1.5kW           :   Xenon Burner for CPS+
NTSI_56079173   :   Xenon Arc Lamp 1.7kW           :   Xenon Burner for XLS+, XXL+
NTSI_13520800   :   Motor & Pump Assembly          :   Motor & Pump Assembly
NTSI_20234100   :   Inner, Boro Type "S" Filter        :   Inner Filter Ci 4000
NTSI_20279600   :   Outer, Boro Type "S" Filter       :   Outer Filter Ci 4000
NTSI_20650600   :   Inner Filter, Quartz, Ci 35/4K    :   Inner Quartz Filter
NTSI_12253200   :   Demineralizer Cartridge Blue   :   Demineral Catrige
NTSI_09231704   :   Filter Interference, 340nm        :   Filter Interference, 340nm
NTSI_09231801   :   Filter Interference, 420nm        :   Filter Interference, 420nm
NTSI_13332100   :   Motor Damper 24VAC/DC         :   Damper Motor
NTSI_13193700   :   Eurotherm, temp. Controller      :   Eurotherm, Temperature Controller
NTSI_13697700   :   Kit, Prgmd Lenze 8202E 3/4hp  :   Lenze Controller
NTSI_13700300   :   Controller Keypad, Lenze vector:   Lenze Controller Key Pad
NTSI_13700400   :   Std I/O Mod, Lenze 8200 vector:   I/O Module
NTSI_13701500   :   Lenze Contller, 8200V 1hp Prog:   Lenze
NTSI_56052446   :   Humidifier Complete, Alpha/Beta:   Alpha Humidifier
NTSI_56052475   :   Humidity_Temp sensor Air WOM:   Humidity & Temp Sensor
NTSI_56050836   :   Humidifier Fan                            :   Humidifier Fan
NTSI_20276700   :   Kit, Clamp Lamp Pkg                  :   Clamp for Lamp
NTSI_12583201   :   Switch Flow CS                           :   Flow Switch
NTSI_13280500   :   Solenoid Valve 24VAC. 1/8"fpt    :   Solenoid Valve
NTSI_13516600   :   Filter,Humdty Sensor Cap 1/8"fpt   :   Humidity Sensor Cap
NTSI_12623000   :   Transmitter/ Sensor Humidity                :   Humidity Sensor
NTSI_12358800   :   Tap Water Solenoid Valve                      :   Solenoid Valve
NTSI_56055229   :   Lithium Battery                                      :   Lithium Battery
NTSI_12636801   :   Switch Level SPST 3A                           :   Level Switch
NTSI_13245400   :   Power Supply 120/240v, 30W                :   Power supply
NTSI_13520500   :   KIT,extender,CS6 pump procon/berns   :   Extender Kit
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